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FREE Daily Cash Drawing WIN up to $100

Cash Drawing

There will be a 6 digit, 6 single digit numbers, 0 through 9 drawn for every day. 

Prize A: Match 6 in position - $100.00
Prize B: Match any 5 in position - $50.00
Prize C: Match any 4 in position - $25.00
Prize D: Match any 3 in position - $10.00


Ways to Win

You can post a number and leave it indefinitely, but it’s your responsibility to check it daily to claim your prize.  You have 10 days after each drawing number is posted day to claim your prize.

If  you wish to change your number at any time, delete your old post, then create a new post.  Only the last number you posted will be eligible for the daily prize.  Your number must be posted (which is dated) 1 or more days before each drawing. You must only post the 6 numbers. anything besides the 6 digit number will disqualify your entry.  If you have more than 1 number posted you will be disqualified. If there is anything other than a six digit number posted we will delete the post. 

No purchase is necessary.  This is a free lottery for ZuckMark Members Only.
Contact the ZuckMark administrator to claim you prize. We will mail you a check. The check will be made out to only the name on your account, and verification will be made via the email on your account. So please be sure use your correct name and email address. In the event more than there is more than one winner, the prize will be split among the claiming winners. Winner is responsible for all applicable taxes. There may be more than one number drawn on occasion at our discretion. Numbers may be delayed In posting in the event there is an internet outage.

Game is valid only in the United States to United States citizens.

Numbers are generated here.:

Transparency: This drawing and all cash prizes are solely funded by Dean Elliott as a means to increase the membership to ZuckMark Social Network. I reserve the right to cancel the drawings permanently and or to change prize amounts and levels without prior notice to ZuckMark members.


Dean Elliott

ZuckMark Administrator: Contact: