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Maine Counties Yard Sales

Androscoggin County Maine Yard Sale

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Cumberland County Maine Yard Sale

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York County Maine Yard Sale

This site is for advertising your yard sales and garage sales as well as buying and selling your single extra personal and household items in your county. You are welcome to advertise your local ZuckMark business Page or posts products sold through your local store/outlet with shopping cart links. You may also post community events in local county groups. Please keep business posts to a limit of 1 per day, but one article post can have dozens of items.

GETTING PAID: We have a FREE secure way that you can get paid online without owning any web site or store. You just add a buy now link to your article post. All you need is a PayPal account to have a buy now link.  ZuckMark will never ask for your PayPal account password.

RECOMMENDED FOR A SUCCESSFUL POST:  Take a picture of your item for sale, post it on the group by selecting the camera icon. Be thorough and include all necessary information in the description such as price, or (make offer bid) size, weight, year, model, miles if it’s a car, (although there are special groups for cars) and general location for pickup or if you will ship it. You can make a separate post for each item or put dozens of items in one yard sale article with multiple buy now buttons.

PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE: If you post an item and someone inquiries about purchasing it, please consider them as “interested” and wait for them to pass before offering to next in line. This same thing applies to each person in line who inquires. If your sale is “best offer”, give the first person in line a chance to match or better the offer. Use private message, to contact other group members with address and phone for the item. . We have an All Members of this group chat available for general conversations. Once an item has SOLD, please edit it and add the word SOLD in all caps as first line. If you want a record of the deal do not delete your sold posting. Be nice and don’t use foul language. Please be aware if you have complaints against you from other members of this group or other groups, the group members will vote on what actions to take.  Thank you for being honest and fair.

SAFETY: Never give anyone your passwords or account numbers for any financial institution.