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If you are sick of limited and censored social media? 
This is the right American Social Media to Join. 

ZuckMark can do things for your business

that a web site can't and its all Free?

Post an unlimited amount of products on your business page to promote your business every day. Never pay an advertising fee to let it be seen by more than a limited few. 

Post your items in any of the thousands of groups with a buy now link, and collect your money, drop-off, pickup or shipping. Face book limits posts they find “too promotional”, or are otherwise not paying for the ads. 

Never need an IT person to make a simple edit to your site again. Anyone can update the page articles with very little computer knowledge.

Get real support via telephone or remote to help you set up your ZuckMark Business Group Page.

Have your own web site domain name like or for prices as low as $7.99 per year. This enables you to advertise by saying just visit us at rather than saying go find this page on this site in a sea of pages. Also you can get up to 25 directed email addresses to

Know that every single follower gets your message notification without censorship. 3%-6% of face book your fans see each of your posts, on  average on face book. 

Link any external products, images or text directly to your existing web store checkout. 

Share a single or multiple products with the ability to easily post and share to other social media with links to your shopping cart or checkout. 

Easily click an icon to copy the link to your product and checkout to paste and send via text message, email or post elsewhere.

Notify all your page followers and customers of a new product, sale item or event you posted via notification to their app and/or email with just one click. 

Online live business group chat and messages with customers to answer questions and offer suggestions and advice. 

Brings all your business communications to one central hub. 

Send out invitations to your business page via email up to 50 people at a time. 

Attach files to product posts such as word documents, PDFs, pictures, instruction manuals and more.

Truly private message and chat, send uncensored files privately with customers. We do not look at any messages or limit messaging in any way. We do not block sending of URLs. We do limit forwards. If someone dont want your messages they can block you. It's not our business who or what you are messaging. 



ZuckMark for Personal Use

Post pictures and memes on your home page. Or just share your uncensored feelings or blow off steam. Basically everything you can do on other social media sites without the censorship. 
Our advanced search will enable you to search everything in the entire network. search for a key word or phrase in your activity, people and all groups you belong to at one time, including followed members posts, comments, and interests.  For instance if you were looking for a used washer you could search every county yard sale listing in a state with only having joined 1 group. 
Live chat with entire groups.  
Send unlimited private uncensored messages to friends and family. And yes your messages are really private on ZuckMark.
Have your own special interest or hobby groups. Just ask an admin to create it for you. 
Send files, documents and pictures to your friends and family.
Know that every single one of your followers get to see your post, not just a limited few like other social medias.
We do not exploit or sell your personal information. You use your first and last name and email to join. There is an option to join with face book we do not recommend using. We do not want or need your birthday, dwelling address, job, or credit and other personal information.